Work with me

Consultation Fees:
SNP – Mapping
First consultation: 125 euros (90 minutes)

Follow-up consultations: 50 euros (45 minutes )

E-mail replays for regular customers are charged case by case and by time used to answer to the multiple questions or/and product reviews.  This will be charged afterwards since these are only for regular customers.

Specific consultations for Sulfite issues or for G6PD related issues are charged per hour and the same Pre-consultation form is used unless I know you well enough from the Facebook groups.  60 euros (60 minutes)

I have a Pre-consultation form which I will send to you and I need that filled back before we will have the Skype call.  This form will have many questions about your current health, symptoms and the most important health issues you are trying to resolve at this moment.
If you have more specific questions about various Sulfite issues or for instance about G6PD diet, you can email those questions for me beforehand or after you have received back your report from me.

I use Livewello reports during my consultations. I like to use these reports since I am able to create also my own reports with the app and look for the SNPs easily I might find important especially for you.

Download your raw data into your computer either from 23andme or from Ancestry.

You can download your own Livewello report from here:
One time payment 19.95 USD.

After you have downloaded and paid your Variance Report, you need to add me in your Health Village so that I have also access to see your SNPs.
Go: Health -> Village -> Add someone to your Village:

Type my name and email address which I will give you after the payment and choose at least:  Give access to all gene variance reports ->Add to Village.
I will get a confirmation email that you have been added and I can start to go through your SNPs.

We will have a Skype call (or whatever way is easiest for you. In certain locations I can also do face to face consultations) and we will go through all the data I have gathered from you. The call will take around 90 minutes, but sometimes there is so much information to go through that longer sessions are needed.
After the call I will prepare for you a personalised report for different diet, lifestyle and supplement suggestions.

+ 30 days email support to answer your questions which you might have after receiving your report back.

(MTHFR Support reports are okay as well, but with those I have access to limited amount of SNPs and there is no way to check for certain SNPs unless I ask the data from your Raw Data so I have found this a bit too complicated and time-consuming)

Direct payments via following PayPal link. 

Write to the message your name and email address and I will send you the Pre-consultation form.
If you purchase during any Sale period, use the price from the advertisement.
For instance – 20 % from the 1st consultation and the fee to pay is 100 euros.