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Welcome to read my notes about sulfites, sulfates,  high thiol-sulfur foods, IgE allergies and food intolerances, chemical sensitivities, healthy lifestyle, genes, SNPs, genetic tests, healthy diets, nutrigenomics, supplements and everything what has been helpful for me during the past years when I have been trying to survive with various health issues, sulfite-related issues being my main health problem.

I have been chronically ill for the past +20 years, and I was giving up, but then I heard about the genetic tests and how those tests were helping other people to find their ways to gain back their health or finding cures for their serious health problems. I knew I needed to do the genetic test myself and I was sure that I would find the answers I was looking for to help myself to gain back my health. And I was right. The information I got from 23andme genetic test and from my raw data was over my expectations, and there were also the answers I wanted.

When you have been chronically ill for years, you know that the healing won’t happen overnight. I wasn’t waiting for a miracle healing, I was ready to work hard to feel better and gain back my health and my life.

Writing a blog about my health issues has been in my mind always. And I have actually started many blogs, during the past years, but I have always felt that I had nothing to give to others. I was just writing my private health diary, where I wrote how miserable my life was with my multiple allergies to foods and environment, what new diets I had tried and why nothing worked after a certain period of time and then I was again at the same starting point, so who wanted to read all that ? How could I give any good advices to anyone else if I wasn’t able to help myself either ? I was just surviving day after day. But, yes some miracles do happen. And my miracles started to happen, slowly, but firmly after I started to understand better my genes, specially gene mutations and how those have connections to my health issues.

Learning never ends and I also wanted to understand Nutrition and especially Nutrigenomics better.  I am now Certified Nutritional Therapist and I have also taken various courses in Genetics and Nutrigenomics (Seeking Health Educational Institute SHEI).
You can see My LinkedIn Profile for more information.

What I am writing in my blog are my personal experiences how I gained back my health, and how I used my genetic test results and other functional tests as a resource to fix certain metabolic issues like enzyme deficiencies and other nutritional deficiencies.

Since I have been chronically ill for years, I will share with you also my other health issues which I have managed to resolve with constant research and determination to get better.

Disclaimer. Please, always consult your doctor or other health practitioner before starting a new diet or health program which uses supplements, or other therapies. 

This site offers health and nutritional information and is designed for educational purposes only.



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