Sulfite Symptoms

What kind of symptoms you can experience from added sulfites in food/water/medicines/environment etc. ? Many. And not everyone will have the same symptoms either,  and that is why it might be hard to figure out if are you reacting to sulfites or something else in the food/drinks/environment.

You should also remember that sulfites are histamine liberators and many will experience a combined reaction to sulfites and histamines at the same time. Also many foods which have added sulfites are also high in histamines.



Skin rash

Red skin patches which appear fast and can be found anywhere in the body

Itchy skin- mucus area (mouth, eyes, vagina, anal area)

Fast heartbeat


Asthma like symptoms (many Sulfite intolerant will have an official diagnosis to Asthma prior noticing they also have sulfite intolerance)

Tingling in the throat

Throat closing -difficulty swallowing


Blood pressure low/high




Passing out

Memory problems

Panic attacks

Feeling hot head- no fever

Light fever

Brain fog – Sulfites can be classified as neurotoxins.

Headaches/Migraines (72 hours is my Sulfite headache- there was a time when I had headache almost every day and I counted only the days when I didn’t have the headache)

Anaphylaxis – or pseudo anaphylaxis, a condition resembling anaphylaxis, but not due to specific antigen-antibody reaction.


2 thoughts on “Sulfite Symptoms

  1. Alicia Milan

    For me, as well as a lot of these symptoms, I got panic attacks that were at the point of lasting 12 hours a day, before I found out my sulfite allergy. Also get a nasty, painful frontal headache.

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    1. Tiiu73 Post author

      Hi Alicia, I do was thinking about the panic attacks while writing that symptom list. Since you have had those (as well) let me add that one to the list as well.



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