E225 Potassium Sulfite

This potassium sulfite is the salt of potassium cation and sulfite anion. Chemical formula is: K2SO3

This preservative is still approved to use in foods in Australia and New Zealand, but not anymore in the EU or in US.

Potassium sulfite is used more in industrial settings than in foods, but it can be used for the production of E150d, caramel colour used in many beverages.  I couldn’t find any confirmed information if this means that potassium sulfite can be used also in the production of E150d in EU or in US.

Non food uses of potassium sulfite:

  • Photography industry
  • Water treatments

I am really curious to know if anyone has seen this sulfite: E225, potassium sulfite in any food products. Please send me a picture of the product if you have seen it somewhere. Thank you.


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